Hello there,

This is Georgia from Brussels. Living and working in the heart of the European Union, I have decided to create this blog and share with you my personal opinion, on the latest news about politics, communication and culture.

I work in the field of media and communication.I speak Greek, English, Italian, French and some Spanish. So, I thought it would be a good idea, to use English, as the main language of this blog and provide in, all the other languages, articles and news I find interesting and you might also like to take a look.

Personally, I am self – motivated and optimistic. It is my belief, that my greatest asset is the competency  to communicate with diverse cultures and groups of people, which have been proved immensely productive in my life so far and in any business environment I have worked, for ten years.

I share democratic values as, freedom of expression, accountability, transparency and rule of law. I also embrace human rights protection and I support the young generation. Young persons are driven by strong incentives and set tangible objectives for the future.They are skillful, highly educated, and have strong willingness to manage effectively any upcoming challenge.

Usually, I spend my free time chasing  ”hot news” or walking around Brussels shooting with my iPhone, everything that impresses me and share it on social media. Some other times, I enjoy fine Belgian beer and chitchatting with friends in alternative spots of Brussels. I like jazz music and Belgian chocolates.

Would you like to experience, more “essence Bruxelloise”? Just follow me… and be my guests! ;)


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